Wednesday, May 21, 2014

So, what happens next?

Im in a situation where nothing else matters. I am unemployed. I feel unfulfilled. I am not very happy. But I know for a fact that getting a “normal” life would make everything even worse. Doing the “normal” thing and getting a job (that I don't care about and thus makes me miserable), a girlfriend (who isn't my soulmate, rather just someone you get along with) and children (that I would probably beat the shit out of) wouldn't make anything better. It would make everything worse. Don't you get it? That IS death. The only difference between killing yourself and getting a normal life is that death would be without pain. And Im not interested in killing myself. So the only real choice that I have is to pursue my passions in life. If Im not gonna be doing that then I might as well be dead. And it doesn't matter whether or not I become a big success, because at least then I will know that I was doing the right thing for myself. As long as you're pursuing your passion you can always tell yourself that you did the right thing and abided by the right concept. And know you didn't do anything wrong. At the end of the day it's all about living for a purpose that you believe in. And when death comes, you have to be content knowing that you went balls out. Doing the safe thing and leading a life of mediocrity is the most horrible thing you could do towards yourself.

Someone once said: “The distance between your dream and reality is called action.”
I know that sounds like a total Disney cliché and there's plenty of people who would shit on notions like that. I don't. I believe in following your dreams and living for your passions in life. I truly do. When people hear shit like that they'll tell you that you aren't being “realistic” and that you don't have your feet on the ground. But... Who the fuck wants to lead a “realistic” life? How is “a mundane existence of empty routines” possibly a standard that anyone strives for? There are some people who think that high expectations and being disappointed is the worst possible thing that can happen to you. So they try to protect you from that by shooting your hopes down and letting you know that you will fail. I don't know what their experience of reality is like, maybe they truly do suffer intensely whenever they become disappointed. But I don't. I don't mind mistakes and failures and disappointments. The entire world is a disappointment. Society is a failure. And as far as mistakes are concerned: How can you possibly get any lower than where you already are? You're leading a normal life. And that means you're at the bottom. You're not supposed to be leading a normal life, you're supposed to be leading an extraordinary life. So the way I see it, you don't have anything to lose. If you shoot for the sky and fight for your dreams, but FAIL, you're still doing something a hell of a lot more special than living the same day with the same routine over and over again. You're much better off doing a bunch of crazy shit and failing miserably, than not doing it at all. I don't mind failure and I don't get why disappointments are the worst thing that can happen to people. I don't understand what kind of a cocky asshole thinks of themselves as flawless and incapable of doing wrong. If you've lived long enough then you've discovered the inevitable painful secret that every human being is flawed. So you're already on the same level as everyone else – You're flawed. Use it to your advantage.

But Im not gonna tell you some bullshit like: “YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH WHATEVER YOU WANT IN LIFE AS LONG AS YOU HAVE THE WILLPOWER!” Fuck, man. Have you seen that movie “Million Dollar Baby”? I wouldn't even dream of telling that girl something like that. I don't know anything about you nor your situation in life. Maybe you like fucking kids and are gonna end up in jail soon. The fuck do I know? Life isn't a fucking fairy-tale where everything works out, you need to take care of your shit and keep yourself on the right track. I can only speak for myself and what I know right now.
* Im alive.
* Im physically healthy.
* Im entitled to welfare.
And that means that I got shit made in life. I am in a position where I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I can try my hand at anything Im interested in. I can do whatever I want in terms of dreams and aspirations. If my projects fail, worst case scenario, I end up on welfare. I've been on welfare for years, Im not exactly scared of finding myself in that position. It's just fucking boring, it's not a disaster. I have food, I have clothes, I have shelter, I have friends and family. Im good.

People make up ridiculous reasons for why they shouldn't chase after shit they're interested in.
- “My parents want me to be a doctor, so I'll devote my life to being one even though I despise it and would rather be a ballerina instead.”
- “My parents want me to have a job at all, so I'll pick anything I can find.”
- “My parents want me to get married and have kids.”
- “I don't want people to think Im weird.”
- “What if I fail? Everyone will think something bad about me.”
Fine, be a fucking pussy and miss out on life. And when you have that mid-life crisis, make sure to dedicate that bullet to me when you blast yourself in the head because you can't stand what a fucking coward you've been and how much fun you've lost out on. I just think it's pathetic that the majority of people don't develop a mind of their own until they turn 40 and freak the fuck out. I mean what the fuck, my problem is that I lack direction. It's not that I lack balls. Most of the shit you come up with in your head as a reason for not to do something are illusions, most of the time. It's always centered around ”WHAT IF IT DOESN'T WORK?” and ”WHAT IF PEOPLE THINK SOMETHING NEGATIVE? I CAN'T LIVE ON WELFARE, THAT WOULD BE SO AWKWARD.” It's centered around reputation and how others will judge you. It's never centered around what you want personally and how you will judge yourself in the future. You mean to tell me you don't see the problem with that? To live life according to other peoples thoughts? You do whatever you wanna do, but Im gonna get mine.

What is a human being worth and how do we determine their worth? I can't answer that question objectively. Who the fuck would even be as stupid to think that there is an objective answer to that? All we really have is personal taste. If you're happy with yourself, then you're happy with yourself. If you're not, then you aren't. And it feels to me like the point should be being happy, right? So maybe that should be your aim. At least it's mine. I can tell you this much though: Some fuckass in a suit whose company makes their sneakers through child-workers sure as fuck can't tell you what a human life is worth.

So, what happens next?

Right now, in the eyes of society, I am nothing but a bum and a filthy pervert. People do not know my name. I do not have a job and I haven't had one since I graduated, and because of that I am considered to be hopeless and a failure as a human being. Because society believes that the only way you can contribute to the world is by contributing to capitalism. And people generally can't relate to my dissatisfactions with the world whatsoever. Because it's not “normal”. So on top of being a loser, I am also very weird. Now don't get me wrong, I am perfectly content with myself and I don't agree with any of these sentiments. But let's be honest: In the eyes of normal people I am nothing but a loser. So. Let's pose the following scenario: I become a famous movie director. I become a famous artist whose provocative works are praised and hated equally by the masses, but one thing is for certain and that is that you can't ignore the profound art of Teryo Law. I become rich. And I manage to make a very big mark on this world, and everybody knows my name. What then?

Nothing. If that happened then I would become a winner in the eyes of other people. But see, that's bullshit. Because I as an individual has not changed one bit. I am still as smart, I am still as capable, I am still the same person with the same values. Whether or not I get recognition for it from others doesn't change a fucking thing, I am still who I am. The guy who ate pizza off the street, the guy who hung out with junkies, the guy who wanted to kill himself, the guy who wanted to do drugs to escape reality, the guy who slept in someone's kitchen. That's me. I might not condone those kind of activities anymore, I might be the complete opposite from that now, but I am still the same human being. And if you would have come across me in my youth, you would have passed me off as nothing but a hopeless drug addict. You would have thought that I was not worth anything because of the things I chose to put in my body and the way that I dressed. And that's where you fucked up. I think it's horrible that a person's value in society is dictated by how much they do for others. Or how much shit they own. Or what kind of a job that they have. Or what kind of a sexuality they have, race, social status, etcetera. It should be obvious to everyone that it's the personality that matters. Not everything absolutely trivial surrounding that personality. I would like the morale of the story to be that you shouldn't judge people on some trivial shit. It's fucking ridiculous that your existence isn't worth a damn thing one moment, but if you happen to make something that becomes popular in the next moment then you are suddenly special and worth so much more than everyone else. You are a celebrity and everyone listens to you now. But they didn't listen to you before because you weren't worth anything. And yet, nothing about you as a human being has changed. You are still the same person. You are still worth as much. It's just that all of the idiots that unfortunately exist around you value you differently now, because of a triviality.

When I think about two people who are in love, that to me proves that one person can make all the difference in the world. Because you see, to that couple, that one person means everything in the world. They aren't famous, they haven't conducted a medical breakthrough that will improve the quality of life for mankind, they just simply exist. And that's all they have to do to mean the entire world to someone. This applies to any kind of relationship, even the one you have to yourself. You don't have to be loved by other people. You don't even have to have friends, although I would totally recommend it. All you have to do is to be alive. And if you manage to be happy, then that's a fucking accomplishment. If you haven't achieved that, then keep working on it, because it's totally worth fighting for. Everything else is a triviality. Job, reputation, money, totally pointless shit. If you manage to go a lifetime without killing yourself then you are a winner. And if not, then I am truly sorry that you couldn't find the patience to turn the game to your liking. Because that's what it's all about in most cases: Patience. And unless you're in that kind of “Million Dollar Baby” situation where you're lying in a hospital bed paralyzed from the neck down, it's just not worth it to kill yourself. Because there's always something you can do. You have your arms, you have your feet, you can move your body – so make something magical happen.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


That is quite possibly the dumbest fucking retort on the entire Internet. I would put “YOU MAD BRO?” on the list but it's basically the exact same meaning and synonymous with “butthurt”, so there is simply no need to.

According to these people, the WORST possible thing a human being can do is to actually CARE about something that's posted on the Internet. That's why “butthurt?” is the most prevalent retort. It is used when someone has a serious tone and appears to be angry at something stupid that has been posted. So what does that tell you about the people that are using it? Well. They think that being angry about stupidity is worth ridiculing. Which entails that the absolute worst thing that they could imagine is actually giving a shit about anything. They consider a happy cheerful mood to be more admirable than waterproof logic and sound argumentation.

Put simply: They are the worst type of idiots and the reason why the world is a terrible, terrible place. You see, anybody has the POTENTIAL to be a thinker. It's easy. You just walk around, and THINK, a lot. But most people don't want to do that. They think it's very unpleasant. They are controlled by emotions rather than a desire to find the truth. And they just can't handle sadness, anger and depressive states of mind very well. (I can. I thrive in them.) Why? Because they are fucking idiots. They aren't enlightened enough to realize that they aren't their thoughts and emotions, so they self-identify with the unpleasantness too much and would rather choose to run from it than to face it. They don't want to ever have to think about their own flaws and what's wrong with the world, they would rather get a job, get a family and wait to die in suburbia instead.

A lot of the injustice humans face in society is the result of flawed thinking. Racism, for example, is fooling yourself into believing that a fantasy image in your head applies to every single person of black skin colour. If you would just have the balls to conduct some fucking self-criticism and practice self-distance, you would learn that it's a flawed manner of thinking. But you don't. Because it's more important to be delusional instead.

Bullying, homophobia, discrimination against people based on their clothes, gender, skin, so on, so on, are all the result of an inability to accept diversity. Those kinds of people reason that: “Since you aren't exactly like me, you are a bad person.” Do I even need to point out how absolutely fucking LITTLE thought has been invested in a notion like that? Im convinced that if people spent more time pondering about all things imaginable then we wouldn't have as many intolerant assholes in the world. Thinking is essential. And if you're not even willing to CARE about stupidity, then how the fuck are you going to be willing to THINK? How are you going to expect the world to change into a better place if people think the absolute worst thing you can do is to CARE about something? People don't even consider stupidity to be the largest sin of man, shit, you actually consider it to be THE LARGEST VIRTUE! “Ignorance is bliss”, he said, and then he went on hating homosexuals. Most people would rather be happy than to deal with introspection. Haven't you noticed how thought-provoking topics and critical observations are often deemed as “depressive”? That says it all, doesn't it?

My point is simply that people who write “BUTTHURT?” are on the same intellectual level as meathead jock stereotypes in High School: Look “hard” all the time, never be affected by anything, and God forbid that you would EVER have to use your brain and actually become upset by ignorance and flawed logic. Why would you? It's your favourite pastimes.

But most of all, I just can't understand why someone would even say something so ridiculous as “YOU MAD BRO?” I've been in a lot of Internet arguments and I've only used the phrase once and the reason I did wasn't because it makes sense to me. I started arguing with some fucking moron who said it, he didn't want to have a serious discussion and he was pissing me off, and when he changed his mind and wrote out a long post I posted a picture saying “YOU MAD BRO?” simply out of pure spite. Because that's what he did to me when I was trying to be serious, so that's simply a taste of your own medicine. It's not something I can personally understand. See, I don't understand the VALUES and REASONING behind such a phrase as “YOU MAD BRO?” I simply don't see how it's relevant what kind of mood your adversary is in. What the fuck does that have to do with ANYTHING!? The only thing of relevance is: Are they making sense or ARENT they making sense? It doesn't matter if they're laughing, crying or shitting themselves with anger; the LOGIC is all that's relevant.

But instead of focusing on the actual discussion and topic at hand, the whole thing spirals out into: “I MADE YOU FEEL SOMETHING YOU DIDNT WANT TO FEEL, IM SUPERIOR TO YOU, IVE WON LOL”. The person views themselves as superior, despite the fact that the person has ran out of arguments to why homosexuality is unnatural, after you've given him a list of things that are unnatural that he doesn't have any arguments against. (Fake tits, bleached blonde hair, make-up, shaved legs, all unnatural things that occur in the porn he jacks off to) And they seem to view the feeling of anger as some kind of harrowing emotional trauma that wounded you severely, rather than simply a vague fleeting phenomenon you got used to a very long time ago.

As soon as someone says “Butthurt?” the conversation has been derailed into absolute retardation and can't possibly be saved. To say “Butthurt?” then, is to forfeit like a coward. Because how can you expect someone to keep arguing with you after you say some BEYOND stupid shit like that? You could might as well say: “OH YEAH? WELL WHAT ABOUT YO MAMA?” because all it's a case of is you having run out of useful things to say and now you're just trying to be a poor alpha-male stereotype on the fucking Internet. I mean shit, the Internet could be such a marvelous place for exchange of ideas, but instead you have a bunch of pathetic fucking humans running around playing power-games so they can look “cool” in front of other people they will never ever meet.

I would rather have a world where people get angry because they are passionate about their views and believe in something, than a world where people are so fucking docile that they view the feeling of anger as a sin and couldn't imagine ever taking anything seriously. The latter is complete mental stagnation and those kind of people could pass a rape and say “LOL THATS SO WEIRD, OH WELL, NOT A MATTER OF MINE”. The reason someone gets angry in an argument is because they consider the other person to be saying the dumbest shit. And why would you care about stupidity existing? Because you care about mankind, and you care about the world. You want what's best for all living things. But nah, Im sure that's totally “gay” and only something that virgins living in their basements do.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Feminism VS Rape Porn / Degrading Sex

Hilarious clip.

I can't answer for her views on feminism, but I can with certainty say that there is no contradiction in being a feminist and enjoying rape-fantasies or degrading sex. Feminism is the belief that men and women deserve equal opportinities in life and that gender shouldn't be an obstacle for your individuality. It doesn't have a god damn thing to do with what kind of sex you like and what profession you choose, other than supporting your choice in all of these things. Whether a woman wants to be a housewife or a pornstar, feminism supports that, because that is what she wants to do.

Of course a lot of people misinterpret that, even "feminists" themselves, though I don't like to call those people feminists. I call them "feminazis". Because you really do have to be a fascist fucking moron to say: "I DON'T LIKE BEING SLAPPED DURING SEX SO THAT MEANS NOBODY ELSE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD COULD ENJOY IT EITHER."

Sex isn't a bad thing. There are many ways you can have it, and as long as it occurs on terms that both consenting parties agree are the best - no matter WHAT those terms are - Then voila, there isn't a fucking problem. Equality doesn't mean that everyone needs to be ONE certain way, it means diversity and respecting each others differences.

I also see a lot of people who think that "feminism" means that you aren't allowed to pick girls up. Why are people so fucking retarded? What the fuck kind of moron would get it into their head that "equality" is the same thing as "being a pussy with no balls"? Of course feminism is against the notion of cat-calling. Why? Because it's fucking retarded, rude and isn't picking someone up, it's harassment. Telling a complete stranger "nice tits" isn't picking someone up either, it's sexual harassment. And grabbing someones body parts when you don't know them really god damn well is harassment too.

But getting to know someone, getting a good vibe going, and asking them if they want to have sex when it feels like the right time: that's just what the fuck you do. I don't see how that defies the notion of equality.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Facebook: A Brave New World of Masturbation

Ive gotten the impression that there might be girls on this planet who DONT think that all of the pictures theyve uploaded on Facebook/Instagram/Whatever have been jacked off to.

I don't understand why such a naive notion would even cross their mind. Nor do I understand how such a thing could even be possible. There is no doubt that almost every single picture that you have uploaded of yourself has been jacked off to. Some girls upload pictures of themselves making ugly faces, so that's why I said "almost". However, there is no doubt that someone might have jacked off to that picture, because even ugly/jokeful faces can be used in a fantasy. I recall jacking off to one girl who had uploaded a picture of herself shooting her toungue out in order to make herself look silly. However noble her intentions, there was nothing silly about that picture as it was the perfect one for me to envision her licking my dick.

Do you think that we would rather be looking at porn? Of course pornography is delightful. However, personally, I rather enjoy subjects that you have some kind of a relationship to, even if it is the most shallow one. It allows you to create more immersive fantasies, and depending on the subject it can also be quite thrilling to jack off to someone you know you shouldn't be jacking off to.
In either case it is not always that you are brainless-horny and just want to jack off to anything nude so you throw on a porno. Sometimes the masturbation-connoisseur requires something a bit more refined, something that is a bit more stimulating for your mental landscape, if you will. Pictures do indeed allow us to work our brains more.

A picture of your body is enough. Take a girl that you know: Facebook creates a visual catalogue of her body. She takes pictures of herself posing in various attires, sometimes revealing, sometimes not. It is not absolutely necessary to be revealing: A simple dress could be enough to catch a glimpse of her shapes, and if she is wearing tight clothes it is only all the better. But even with this luxury that they offer us, some go as far as uploading vacation-photos! Oh lord, sweet Lucifer, there is nothing more delightful than vacation-photos - Those are truly the gold-mine of Facebook-jacking. The privilege of the wealthy.
But we don't even need that much. Do you females not realize what we can do with a picture of your face? Do you think that we dream about shooting loads on pictures of your lunch, or motivational pictures about being the best version of yourself? Surely the female side of the species can't be so naive? One picture is all that's required to defile you in our minds.

I recall an occasion a couple of months ago. I decided to look up one of my old teachers on Facebook. I didn't have her added as a friend so her profile was somewhat restricted, you could only see a couple of pictures. But that's all I needed... I simply blocked out her child that was sitting nearby and focused on her luscious hair and gorgeous lips.

Girls. Even the pictures that you don't think are sexy whatsoever - They will be used.

And I know Im not the only one.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Song About Sex

Stabbing Westward - Inside You

This is the only song I can think of which takes the subject of "INTERCOURSE" and actually gives it substance. There are a lot of songs about sex out there, particularly mainstream-pop and rap, but it's always hollow and superficial. Stabbing Westward is not.

The build-up of the instrumentals is similar to an intercourse itself: It starts out tingling, slowly it moves forward and forward, to finally result in a powerful climax; The orgasm, timed to and completed by the lyrics. Christopher Hall is a genius for making this.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Saw a new shrink a few days ago.

I got a new shrink. She told me that during her 17-year long career she has never met someone with my kind of attitude. And by that, she means: "I have never met someone who questions my expertise as much as you do" and my overall "judgmental tendencies towards people" and "arrogance". I told her that me being judgmental is completely justified because I would rather have good taste and high standards than to settle for shit, and that she is the arrogant one who thinks she knows so much more than I do.

Seriously, what kind of mindless fucks has she been seeing for 17 years that don't even question her statements and methods? Do people seriously go to a shrink and expect them to know what they're talking about? They aren't an actual expert, they are just another human being. And what does that mean? That means that if you take one patient and give them five different shrinks, they're all gonna come up with different theories and different "flaws" that the patient needs to change about themselves. Being educated doesn't excempt you from human nature and the subjectivity of reality.

See, they got an education so they know shit you're too lazy to research, and you're supposed to use them as a library. You aren't supposed to use them as a religion and put your entire fucking life in their hands. They are a tool, not a messiah. You're supposed to go see a shrink with a critical mindset, you're not supposed to swallow whatever the fuck they tell you. Because it is through a critical mindset that you actually use your brain, think and can find out what really is true. If you don't have a critical mindset then you're just like any other Christian/Muslim/Hindu/Buddhist/whatever.

Afterwards it dawned on me that without her even realizing it, she gave me a compliment.

Friday, November 22, 2013

The 20th of November.

People generally don't give a shit about birthdays. They see it as an occasion where you are supposed to give someone something “just cuz”. They see it as something commercial. They don't see the purpose in birthdays, they don't want to be given gifts because “Oh Im not anything special” and they don't seem to want to give others gifts because "I don't know what to give". They see it, more than anything, as a formality that needs to be endured.

I, on the other hand, see it as the only special occasion worth celebrating. I don't believe in any kind of God or other false idols, I don't believe in blind admiration for authority and I most certainly do not believe that fictional books written by misogynist fag-bashing humans thousands of years ago contain the ultimate knowledge about reality. All religions are nonsense to me.
However, I do “celebrate” Bajram/Ramadan because my family is Muslim. But I don't actually believe in what it is that we are gathering over. I simply like the gathering. And since it means a lot to my mother, who I love, I join in on it. That's all there is to it. It is shallow, in the sense that I only like the company and don't actually give a shit about why we decided to spend time together that day.

But birthdays are different. Because a birthday is much deeper than that. A birthday actually bears some kind of meaning, because that is the day that a particular person was born. A birthday is a celebration of that individual. You are celebrating the fact that they are alive and what they mean to you. And if you give a shit about someone you make sure to take that seriously. A birthday is not something trivial and it most certainly isn't the same as “any other kind of holiday”. Because all other holidays are based on superstition and ridiculous ideas. Friendship is not something ridiculous. Individuality is not something ridiculous. Those are things that are very fucking real to you and they exists in your day-to-day life. 
It is something that you can touch. God is not. 
It is something that you should embrace and praise. God is not.
The value of your loved ones far surpasses everything else, especially make-believe fairytales about how human beings were created and what their purpose is as slaves for the evil overlord who created them.

A friend of mine once said: "I don't see the point in showing appreciation for someone on a specific day, you should show it on every day." It is a good and noble point. But still a completely fucking retarded thing to say when you're an atheist who celebrates Christmas simply because your surroundings expect you to. >__> If you reason in that manner then you should completely refrain from all holidays and special occasions simply because they are what they are, and instead make an effort to bring people together at random times throughout the year and give everyone gifts. But you don't do that. I don't think anyone does. Because it isn't practical, it's a fucking pain in the ass, and it doesn't even make any sense. Human beings need routine. And not to mention, that nigga hardly gives me "Congratulations!" cards on random days throughout the year and gifts to go along with them so he isn't even living up to his own rationale. It's just something he shat out when confronted on why he doesn't care about birthdays. It wasn't reasonable and it wasn't thought-out.

The fact of the matter is simply that you weren't born on every single day of the year. You were born on one particular day. That day is the occasion when you successfully was brought into this world. The day you truly became alive. And the point isn't that you AREN'T supposed to be kind and generous towards the person every other day of the year. The point is that this is THAT particular day when the person was born, and it only makes sense to celebrate such a thing. That's the keyword: Celebration. It is the ritual. It is the symbolism in the celebration; a birthday is directly connected to the persons value. You don't show that kind of extra attention any other day of the year and nobody could ask that of you either, because it would be a complete pain in the ass and expensive as fuck. So it only makes sense to have one particular day where everything can be focused to make the person feel special. Because if they mean something to you they deserve that.

Monday, November 18, 2013


Hi. This is Anita Sarkeesian. A feminist who is tired of the way video-games are made:

Apparently, because of her Kickstarter campaign, this woman has gotten her YouTube-channel spammed with violent comments, people have created an internet-meme where they photoshop sperm and bruises on her face, hacked her website, called her home to issue rape threats and her adress has also been posted online with the implication that horrible things would happen to her if she persisted with her project.

And that's what we call systematic misogyny. You see, there's nothing wrong with thinking that she is stupid. I think that she is stupid. Im a feminist and I don't think there is any sense in what she is saying whatsoever, one of the "sexist stereotypes" she listed in her campaign-video is Bayonetta which is one of my favourite games. The storyline and gameplay is trippy as FUCK and the protagonist is both sexy, strong and awesome. If that isn't a positive female image I don't know what is. What the fuck is the problem with a woman looking good? O__o So a woman needs to be ugly in order to be a feminist archetype? That's absolutely ridiculous. Feminism is about equality, it doesn't have a god damn thing to do with beauty. Beauty is subjective and your personal taste decides what you find appealing. I admit that the beauty standards in society are shit but that's because they are simple-minded. Not because they are wrong. I like curvy girls, fat girls, thin girls, goths, blondes, whatever. If you're hot you're hot. The problem with beauty-standards is that there isn't any diversity. Not that they are necessarily wrong.

So no, I don't agree with that woman. I don't have a problem with the video-game industry. But you don't see me making comments threatening to beat and rape her, or that it would be a good thing if that happened, or saying that she needs to die, or calling her house, or giving out her adress. The way people are reacting is fucking disgusting, they are forming a god damn hate-mob similar to what you would see in old Frankenstein-movies over a girl WHO DOESN'T FUCKING LIKE THE WAY VIDEO-GAMES ARE MADE. FOR FUCK SAKE. HOW DOES THAT WARRANT RAPE? WHAT'S THE FUCKING DISASTER HERE? IT'S NOT LIKE SHE HURT ANYONE, HER FUCKING OPINION DIFFERS, THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT.

I don't understand the problem. Let her make her fucking game and the people who think it's appealing will buy it and enjoy it, just like any other game which is created. How is that a disaster? And if you say something like "IT WILL BRAINWASH PEOPLE INTO BECOMING MANHATERS" you seriously deserve a fucking sledgehammer in your face, because that's exactly what you are hating that woman for saying. Anita's entire argument is that the "negative stereotypes" in video-games enforce a negative view towards women. If you don't agree with her on that, then why the fuck would you care whether or not she makes her game with a different kind of protagonist?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Buffalo Bill ~ Fan poem by Teryo Law

He was looking into the pit in his basement where "it" was lying, but at the same time he was looking deep into the pit of his own soul. A place where different dreams and desires once used to lie, the kind that every common man could relate to.. The desire to be wanted. The desire to belong somewhere. The desire to be loved. Feelings, put simply, that every person takes for granted. And dreams. The dream to achieve something in life.

But these things were not tangible anymore, it was not something that you can touch and call your own. No, "feelings" simply became an abstract concept. I mean sure, some kind of emotions and needs existed in this man but they had been distorted into something that most human beings would not recognize, something that they would never label as their own kind. His "human" dreams and desires had been rinsed away through many years of callous violence, by the very two people whose duty it was to guide a child towards basic humanity through themselves, their failure shaping a person whose very connection to humanity itself became tattered to shreds.

His dream became something that most people can't relate to. Buffalo Bill did not want to be an engineer. He did not want to be an astronaut. He simply wanted to be human. And the only way that he could become human would be to wear a suit made out of the skin of tortured women. And as far as his desires are concerned, well... They had now been building up for the last couple of minutes and finally shaped into one big single eager yearning that simply could not wait any longer: "PUT THE FUCKING LOTION IN THE BASKET!!!"

Sunday, October 6, 2013


I came across a recently published article about how a LOT of women secretly fantasize about being raped. Of course, this is nothing new to me because I've had a rape fetish since I was 12 years old and almost every girl I have been with has enjoyed domination in some way or another. As a person who enjoys rape when it comes to the fantasy but would NEVER dream of raping someone in real life, I can relate to those women. And I already understand. I understand that they enjoy the fantasy of being dominated by someone they want to have sex with. Like a hot young Antonio Banderas-looking type who does exactly all the right things. They don't fantasize about the trauma and hundreds of hours spent in therapy sessions to get over the demeaning exploitation by a drunken frat boy who thinks he's hot shit.

And so, when reading the comments, I start wishing that the end of the world is near because apparently people are so unimaginably stupid that this human race is completely fucking hopeless and will NEVER get better. What evidence do I have of this?

Comments like this that flood the field of responses to the article:

Number one: I pointed out this study to some feminists, and they all shrieked the same thing: “Fantasy is different from reality!!”.
That’s their story, and they’re sticking to it.
If fantasy is different from reality... then why don't women ever have fantasies about soft, sensitive lovemaking with a beta herb shuffling papers in his cubicle?
Game, set, match.

Number two: I sometimes read about women who have been raped having trouble enjoying sex after that experience. I wonder if it is because it can never live up to the intensity of that experience.

Number three: (A person simply linked this)

Number four: Feminists can kiss my ass. Being a nice guy got me nothing. Got me a divorce. Being a marginally jerky guy who demanded and took and gave back when women earned it got me laid more than I ever dreamed in my pathetic beta fantasies.
The lies women tell themselves about themselves.
Answer me that, feminist self-delusionals.

Number five: Yeah you when I read feminists attempting to broaden the definition of rape to include “coercion” or going on about “rape culture” I can’t help but think they doth protest too much! Much like conservative politicians who seem obsessed with homosexuality and then turn out to be gay themselves, I think it’s a definite possibility that the readership at Shakespeare’s sister are women who have rape fantasies but are in the closet/in denial about it. Sickos! 

Number six: It does lend an interesting twist to the take back the night marchers. The majority of them are not merely concerned with rape, they are sexually fantasizing about getting raped.
Makes you wonder if their marches are so much about political power as fear of their own inner natures. Project outwards onto men what you can not accept as your inner female desire.



The comments are full of
1. Absolutely ignorant people who apparently have never had a sexual fantasy in their entire life and reason like the soccer-moms after Columbine who blamed Marilyn Manson.

Is there anything more pathetic than a man who is bitter because he acted nice towards a woman and didn't get to fuck her? Because apparently every person that you do something nice towards owes you sex. Wow. And people call ME demented?

You know, REAL kindness is self-less. Not selfish. People who are ACTUALLY and GENUINELY nice do nice things simply because it is the right thing to do, not because they expect anything in return. So my guess (which is undoubtebly the right one) is that all of those bitter pathetic fucks claiming to be "heart-broken nice guys" are just wimpy assholes who thought that buying something for a woman would guarantee them having sex. Or maybe you hoped that becoming friends with a woman and listening to all of her problems would make her interested in you eventually.
* Despite the fact that what you are doing is the NORMAL thing to be doing if you are friends with someone; Friends listen to each other and support each other. You don't want to start fucking your female friends because they help you out when shit is rough so why would you want to start fucking male ones? It's not romantic. It's not special. It's just what friends do for each other. But you've never had a female friend in your entire life because you see them as "the other side of the species" rather than human beings, so you think that listening to a persons problems is a "pick-up move". No wonder nobody wants to fuck you. You're an idiot.
* Despite the fact that your intentions are disgusting and ingenuine. You're not becoming friends with her and listening to her because you actually care, you're doing it because you're thinking it will land you into a relationship at the end. And guess what that is? That is manipulation, whether you are aware of it or not. It is fake. Phoney. It is not real. Why would a woman be interested in someone who isn't real? My guess is that most people who claim that they have been a "nice guy" weren't a nice guy. They were a fucking wimp with shallow intentions.

Number seven: so 90% of them find it erotic, but they won’t hesitate to lock a guy away for 40 years when he gives them what they want?

These absolute fucking MORONS can't even grasp the simple fundamental nature of a sexual fantasy. It is incredibly disappointing for me to think that these are grown men who have finished SCHOOL and don't know THE SLIGHTEST FUCKING THING about;
1. Rape.
2. Sexuality.
Let me educate every one of you and make the world a better place. Ignore the fact that you all just got rightfully served as the idiots that you are and just listen to me, because in doing such you might stop being a dumbass. And also, what I say can't be denied because logic and science is on my side.


You have to understand the nature of a sexual fantasy. A person might become aroused when they fantasize about being raped and not being in control, but when fantasizing about it they are always fully in control because they can decide to leave at any point if it were to take an unwanted turn. (And that is the function of "safewords" in things like BDSM and Rapeplay) The fantasy is theirs: They choose what to experience and even if their choice means to completely give up their freedom of choice momentarily, everything is still on their terms. But when it comes to actual rape, nothing is on their terms. That is the definition of rape: Sex against someone's will. A fantasy where you are dominated by a person that you desire is not against your will. So no. Fantasizing about rape doesn't mean that you actually want to be raped.

The fact that someone thinks about something doesn't say anything about what they truly want, because the gap between fantasy and reality is just that huge. Reality has a ton of different aspects that fantasy doesn't have. And it works the same way for fantasizing about yourself being the rapist: You might find the idea of rape to be sexually arousing but it doesn't have anything to do with your morals in real life. In your mind, the fantasy has no limits and affects only yourself. You're free to play around in there. In real life, it has consequences. Not only for other people but also for yourself. Your empathy and your conscience wouldn't make it an enjoyable experience. And thus it becomes something completely different from what you imagined. Something undesirable. When it comes to actually doing it in real life, you're just not that interested. Nobody is hurt in your imagination but people are hurt in real life. What appeals to you in your mind doesn't necessarily appeal to you in real life, as is the case with any fantasy. You could be in a relationship with a delightful woman and find the sex to be great, but when you masturbate you think about her mother or her sister. Does that mean that you want to cheat on her? No. Because there is a difference between fantasy and reality. You have no problem thinking about fucking her relatives because it's harmless and has no consequences. But doing it? This is where the difference with reality comes into play: You wouldn't do it in real life because you love your partner and wouldn't want to do anything to betray and hurt them. There is a difference between fantasy and reality. And that difference simply depends on what is the fantasy, and what is the reality.

Last but not least: Women who fantasize about rape don't actually want to be raped. They want to be dominated by someone of their choice. In a rape fantasy a woman gets to be ravished by a man she finds desirable without having to feel any responsibility for what happens. She cannot be blamed for fucking a guy her friends or family might not approve of. She cannot be considered a slut for fucking a guy she just met and whose name she does not know. She does not need to find a logical reason for her feelings. She doesn’t need to reconcile her desire for the handsome cad with her intellectual understanding that he’s totally unsuitable for any long term relationship. It is just pure freedom from accountability and pure focus on pleasure.

You have to understand that with the norms in society, women are blamed for their sexuality all the time. And when it comes to appearence and reputation they are constantly forced to be "responsible" and keep track of everything that they do, much more so than men. So the only time that they can feel "free", really, is when they are having sex and let the man control everything. They no longer have to think about norms. They no longer have to think about being "neat and lady-like". They no longer have to think about being quiet when the men are talking. And therein lies the appeal of being dominated: Freedom from any kind of responsibility. Pure pleasure.

Of course, Im not saying that is the case for all women. The degree to which women like to be dominated varies with everything from "zero" to "full on rapeplay". There are girls who don't find it to be exciting whatsoever. But I am saying that for the ones who do enjoy it, the text above explains why.

So don't be a fucking idiot and blindly assume that girls want to be man-handled because "it's in their nature as the submissive side of the species". Unless you've had a very elaborate conversation about what sexual preferences you both have before you ever have sex, "No" still means "No". And a doubtful look is still a doubtful look. Which brings us to the importance of consent: Just because a lot of women enjoy being dominated doesn't mean that they enjoy it at all possible times. Asking someone loud and clear: "Do you wanna do this?" before you start having sex on each and every occasion should be a regulated law for any kind of sexual intercourse, even vanilla-sex. Not just something rarely corteous that "paranoid" guys do.