Tuesday, October 18, 2011

14 year old girl sucking dick on video tape.


Recently there has been some kind of internet scandal where a girl is seen blowing a guy on school property. I tend to browse caws.ws shitty forum out of boredom and sometimes I come across topics like this, about news and stuff.

Well. I checked the video out and Im pretty dumbfounded at the state that humanity has come to, and how anybody even cares about shit like this. So what? What's the big fucking deal? I really don't care in the slightest what they are doing or why. Their bodies, their choice, I don't give a shit and I don't pass judgment on that girl either. Who doesn't have sexual urges? Who isn't insecure when they are young?

What, we're supposed to pretend that we aren't human beings? That we aren't capable of sex? I wanted to fuck the girls in my class really bad when I was 13 so this? This isn't shocking, it isn't a surprise. This is the type of thing that happens all the time and WORSE for that matter. Haven't you ever seen that movie Kids? Shit.

But this one particular thing REALLY got to me, and it is something that I didn't even think about before I read this girls response to the matter.

This kid, whoever the hell he may be, is no doubt getting high fives and slaps on the back, while Amber’s name is dragged through the mud and slandered, despite that what happened between them is a two person act. Smh.

Even when she’s older and hopefully has wisened enough to realize what a dumbass mistake this was,this video will always come back to haunt her. People will always think less of her, strangers on the streets will look down on her with disdain, the student body is probably already shunning her — and the boys at school probably solicit her for sexual favors (if they hadn’t already) — and future career opportunities, withheld from her. I can’t imagine any respectable employer overlooking something like this unless they had an alternative, less professional agenda in mind. This girl has as good as fucked up her life. 

Now the boy? He will come out completely unscathed from this, despite that he’s exposed and being serviced in the video like a common street John. He’s just as much an underage minor as she; just as engaged in the sexual act. But by the end of the day, people only take into account the fourteen year old whore seen giving head to a boy on school property while his friends watched. All very shameless I agree, but no one gives a single fuck about the recipient that’s also a minor, and who accepted oral sex from Amber on public school grounds, not caring if his friends watched, and not caring that it was being recorded. Amber is not the only one lacking in self respect. They’re both children. Both their roles in this is equally rebukable.

While I wouldn't be throwing around moral judgment as much as she does and don't agree that the girl has messed up her entire life, she does make a clear point as to how different people react towards gender.

So fucking unfair and typical for this society that we live in. If you are a girl, YOU MUST NOT... EVER... HAVE SEX LIKE A MAN. GIRLS DONT KNOW HOW TO HAVE SEX... THEY DONT HAVE URGES.. GUYS ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT CAN GET HORNY.. ALL GIRLS ARE PURE VIRGINS

It is so fucking stupid and unfair that the girl is the only one who is being targeted with this whole thing. When I was reading the comments on caws.ws they all focused on her, and whether or not she should be ashamed. But what about the guys?

Oh, I see. It's alright for a guy to do "bad things" but it's not alright for a girl because she has to be a perfect angel. Because sex is a really really filthy and dangerous thing, the bible and the koran tells us so, despite the very fact that we wouldn't even be existing here if it were not for sex.
And also, I forgot, guys are stupid animals who will do irresponsible things and misbehave and it is completely OK because it is in their nature to be stupid and childish. And girls are pure virgins that are incapable of any error or mistake and it's just not possible that they would be any similar to guys in any way. Because that's just how it is. The bible and fundamentalist evolutionary science makes it a very clear point, girls are different from guys in every way - Despite the fact that we are ALL human beings.

Maybe the reason to why none of the people who commented on caws.ws focused on the guy is because they would have loved to get their dick sucked if they got the chance. Whether it's on camera or not. A lot of guys tend to be disgusted with slutty girls but they have no problem having sex with them and exploiting them only to later talk the worst kind of shit about them. And that's true misogyny if I ever seen any.

Get the fuck out my face with that shit. I think that the most messed up thing about this whole ordeal is how OTHER PEOPLE react to it.
And as for those two kids, well, they probably need to learn more about how to have sex responsibly from their parents. Im guessing their parents never even thought about bringing that up since sex is something you should hide under the carpet.

I don't know how those kids are thinking but peer pressure is a motherfucker and I think someone should have taught them that sex is a personal thing that you should do responsibly and at home. Not in public. Society's reaction is dangerous, not the individual act per say.